Welcome to Chicago Venture Capital

Chicago Venture Capital offers start-ups and emerging companies a unique combination of skills and experiences to support your success.  Our members have experience both as entrepreneurs and as corporate leaders.  These skills and experiences assure you quality insight and leadership in addition to financial and management resources to help your company grow rapidly and manage that explosive growth.  In partnership with your company, we try to create a synergy among companies in our portfolio with whom we are affiliated.

When entrepreneurs are building new companies, they face many challenges in a high-velocity, fast-changing environment. Growing companies need to rapidly assemble the people, the technology, the partnerships and the capital necessary to reach critical mass. It is essential that entrepreneurs find the right partners.

We enjoy a strong reputation for relationship building and partnering with our companies by providing them with access to our resources, contacts and expertise, not just our capital. If we decide to partner with you, “our network becomes your network”.

Contact Us: We prefer that all business plans, proposal, resumes and/or other inquiries be sent to us via email to: